Our mission is to make the world smarter

The world is becoming an increasingly complex place. Government organisations have to cope with enormous challenges in social, economic and environmental fields. Vicrea believes that problems in these fields can be solved, smarter, by using data and innovative IT.

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Who we are

Vicrea is a Dutch IT company, specialized in smart integrated information systems, Smart Geographic Information Systems and Smart City Solutions. Vision and Creativity are our core values. We transform data into valuable information and insight. Vicrea helps the public sector at the most efficient execution of its functions.

Vicrea sorts all data around its location

When you need data for your work, you want it to be presented in a clear way and have it at your fingertips.

When you need data for your work, you want it to be presented in a clear way and have it at your fingertips. Unfortunately, most of the time this data is locked up in different databases scattered over several departments, which makes this information difficult to obtain. What if you could have easy access to all this data and turn it into valuable information?

Introducing a Vicrea Smart Solution. An unparalleled, innovative, spatial-IT solution that unlocks data from different databases in a completely new way. This Smart Solution sorts all data around its location, so that it becomes easily available and simple to interpret. 

Visualized both as a map and as an administrative form, data related to customers, citizens, offices, permits, infrastructure and goods are immediately turned into valuable information. Unlock the hidden treasures of your organization with Vicrea Smart Solutions!

..On top of that we offer Smartmap. Developing a city that breathes on your device. With sensors placed all over town.

Imagine having to register heaps of data. Data required by law. On people, organizations, property and environmental planning. Inextricably linked data. But because this data is shared by several systems, alterations take a lot of effort as they have to be implemented in each individual system.

Now imagine making a change in one record and all related records that are affected by this change, are automatically adjusted. Wow, that would save so much time, prevent errors and offer extreme efficiency. Introducing a Vicrea Smart Solution, a groundbreaking solution for smart adjustment of records that are linked based on location. Vicrea Smart Solution is legal automation software that supports data registration standards as required by law. Ensuring data consistency across related records. An important prerequisite for quality.

The system automatically recognizes how a change in one record affects other records. Using a map as an interface, changes are easily registered and visible in all related records. All in one click. That’s what we call smart.

We transform data into valuable information

by using data and innovative IT and facilitating collaboration